When it comes to Music in today’s society there is never enough to learn, Dj-Singh Stylez got into music from the age of 14 in 2006. He started out remixing on a professional audio production program by the name of Sony Acid Pro. He was able to adapt to different sounds and genres of music. That brought him to his Versatile skills which he is known for spinning multiple genres of music for the crowd. In his early path of his career remixing was fun, but there was more that he wanted to do in his Dj Career. He learned to play on MP3 CD’s and mixing, matching, scratching, cutting, as he would on Acid Pro. Doing everything he did on the computer in a live hands on atmosphere with professional Equipment. Today, Singh Stylez has gigged in all the top venues in Central Florida and beyond and worked with well-known Djs and Artists in the Industry. He adapted to all the latest DJ software and equipment to take his skills to the next level. As of today he uses Turntables and Serato DJ software. He said, “there is no other equipment that can compare to a pair of turntables.” . Singh Stylez believes the drive in the music industry calls for hard work, dedication, and believing in yourself. He is a professional aspect in the DJ Industry that is good for Private Events, Public Events, Corporate, Birthdays, Weddings, Clubs, and any other Occasions. Contact him today for a quote.